Thursday, August 18, 2011
If there's one lesson in life that I have yet to learn, it's how to say "no" to people.  It must be a genetic thing because my father is the same way.  He's a great man, a little goofy at times, but a truly amazing man.  He'll give you the shirt off his back if you asked.  It seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  No matter how swamped I may already be, I can't seem to say no to a person in need.  I'll put aside whatever it may be I'm doing at the moment to help out.

Although this is a great quality and something I'm proud of, it's also my downfall too.  Lately I've spread myself so thin, too thin!  My main goal for this month was to get my home in order.  With our upcoming vacation in just a matter of weeks, my goal was to have the house all organized and in tip top shape before we left.  As it looks now, that might just not happen.

I'm simply not the kind of person who likes to sit around idly doing a whole lot of nothing.  I like to be a busy bee, and lately I've been a very very very busy bee!  I've taken on much more than I can chew from redesigning my blog and a friend's hair accessory blog, designing a friend's candle blog, creating a new blog for all my designs {I seem to be doing a lot of blog designing lately}, and refiling some of my dad's previous years taxes {a background in accounting apparently means I can handle filing business taxes, not really something I enjoy, but something that I'm apparently pretty good at}, not to mention my normal responsibilities like a full time job that has recently become more demanding {hallelujah!}, a family to care for, laundry, the usual household chores, cooking.

Now, to top all that I'm doing everything on limited sleep since I've been working on getting my little munchkin {who's not really so little anymore} to sleep through the night in her new bed.  She's up a couple of times a night crying and of course mommy comes to the rescue and stays up with her until she drifts back off to sleep, leaving mommy with little time to rest herself.  Oh the things we do for our children!

I really have to room to complain, I bring this on myself.  I accept any and every challenge that's thrown my way without considering how much I've already taken on.  I need help!

I'm sorry I've been away for so long!  I have a few things I'm working on and hope to have them posted soon.  One in particular is a guest post on Beautiful Spit Up next week.  I'm really looking forward to that and focusing most of my attention to putting together a great post for my dear friend Eve!  If you're not already following her, she's a fabulous mom blogger you simply must check out!


Robin @ Pink Dryer Lint said...

Oh, it's hard to say "no," and I tend to do the same thing by taking on too much at times. Slowly I'm getting better at advocating for myself so I don't burn the candle at both ends, so to speak. I hope that everything balances out for you!

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