Thursday, August 25, 2011
My daughter's recent taste in music stems from the countless house she spends in a house full of teenagers, mostly teenage girls.  So it's really no surprise to me that she's a fan of Britney Spears, Katie Perry, Rhianna and Bruno Mars just to name a few.  When we get in the car, the first thing out of my baby girl's mouth is "put on my music, please."  At least she's polite about it!  This means put on Q102.  Never in the  15 years that I've known my husband has Q102 been a set station on his radio.  According to him "this is what we get for having my parents watch her."  Oh well, bring on the Britney I say.

Any who, this morning on our car ride over to mommom and poppop's house we were listening to the radio as usual.  She sang along to every song she knew, which surprisingly is like ALL of them.  When I got back into the car after dropping her off at my parent's house the radio hosts we're in the middle of a discussion about hot chicks.  I was just about ready to change the station when one of the male announcers made a comment that made me stop and listen.

He said, "it's not what's on the outside of a woman that makes her truly hot, it's what's on the inside."  I'm sitting there thinking, yeah right this guy is full of it.  He went on about how he admired women who spoke their mind {clarifying that he meant not in an annoying way, rather in a "this is who I am and if you don't like it, I don't give a rats @$$" kind of way} and that the sexiest thing about a women is her confidence.

I think this is something us women, and moms in particular, need to understand.  It's not what's on the outside that's important, by that I'm not saying it doesn't have some importance, but it's not the be all and end all of what defines us.  What defines us is WHO we are.

I struggled for some time after having my daughter to feel sexy again with the extra weight I had gained.  Honestly, who feel sexy after giving birth to a 9lb baby?  It took some time to feel comfortable in my own skin again.  It wasn't until about a year ago that I really started to get my confidence back.  I'm not a size 4, or even an 8 for that matter, I don't have perfect hair every day, I don't always wear makeup.  It doesn't matter if I'm wearing a pair of skinny jeans, cute top, and stilettos or a Hanes tee, ripped jeans and sneakers, I'm still one hot mama because I feel confident in myself and that confidence and self worth radiates through me.


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