Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Doesn't look half bad in the picture, but like I said in my pasta post, looks can be deceiving!  After last night's fiasco, I have to say I had much better luck with the pasta then I did with the pot roast!  Who would have thought?  Yes, the potatos were nice and tender and the carrots were beautifully cooked.  I even enjoyed the onions (never thought those words would ever go together *enjoy+onions*).  The veggies came out pretty good.  The meat... that's a different story!  No flavor and tough as all heck even after cooking for 4 hours!  In addition, no one told me I had to trim the fat on the outside so there was a lot more undissolvable fat that made the meat chowy and very difficult to eat.  Over all, the meal was a major flop!

I'm not sure if it was the recipe or just my lack of experience that made this meal so unsuccessful.  Maybe after a few more weeks of cooking I'll try it again, this time trimming the excess fat and adding lots more salt!  Flavor is key!

On a positive note, notice the cute little star shaped biscuits on the plate!  Those are curtousy of my darling daughter, Hayden!  I decided I wanted to try out these beer and mustard biscuits I heard someone talking about and Hayden was more than eager to help me out in the kitchen.  They came out a little under cooked, but a few more minutes in the oven and they were great!  We didn't have a biscuit cutter so we subsituted a cookie cutter instead.  Hayden had a blast cutting out the heart shaped biscuits.

One thing I am noticing as I try new recipes is how ill equiped my kitchen is!  I might have to do a little shopping some time in the near future!

And due to the blanket of snow that has covered the Philadelphia area yet again, my darling hubby will be home tonight.  So what's on the menu tonight, you ask?  Paella!  Nothing too crazy, just some chicken, spicy sausage, shrimp, rice... and with my hubby there to show me the way I'm sure tonight's meal will be much more of a success!  Wish me luck!


vanita said...

my kitchen is totally not functional enough for me. especially when trying to eat healthy. I'm a terrible cook on most days. i do well with baking but I hate sticking my head in the oven and checking the broiler so i conned hubby into a nuwave oven and we're going to buy one next week!

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